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Council Members

Note: All materials for distribution to Council members must be made available in accessible formats. Materials may be submitted to the SILC office and will be distributed to members only after accessible formats have been developed. Should you need assistance in acquiring alternative formats, please contact the SILC office.


Voting Members

  • Ray Lockary (Chair)
  • Eric Bjork (Vice Chair)
  • Sean Burlile
  • Candy Harris
  • Melva Heinrich
  • Roger Howard
  • Rick Huber
  • Maxwell Hudson
  • Angela MacDonald
  • Denise Myler
  • Non Reyes
  • Molly Sherpa
  • Mike Smith
  • William Toombs

Ex-Officio (Non-voting) Members

  • Jane Donnellan
  • Beth Kriete
  • Nancy Wise