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Idaho Youth


Statewide Youth Advisory Committee



This committee is youth driven and will provide opportunities to have your voices heard.  Youth are an important part of removing barriers and  creating lasting impact for Idaho today, tomorrow and for generations to come.



Change your community for the better.  Get out there and work toward the changes you want to see happen.  Do your part in teaching others the importance of acceptance and inclusion.


Let your voice be HEARD!!!

You cannot create change if you are sitting on the sideline waiting for others to take action.  This is YOUR community, make it what you want. Become involved in your town, it gives us the chance to have our voices heard.


Share your PASSION!!!

Share your information and ideas, while at the same time learning from others. Not every great idea was born from a single person.

Make new friends. Have an impact. Make your community better!!!



Do you want to make a difference?

Contact Jami Davis

with the Idaho State Independent Living Council