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2020 Idaho Youth Leadership Forum Update

In an effort to keep our delegates, staff, and speakers safe, the 2020 Idaho Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) has been cancelled.  The Idaho YLF team spent a lot of time making this decision. The closure of Boise State University to groups during our scheduled event became the deciding factor. If you applied this year, we will use your application for next year’s Idaho YLF if we are able to host the camp. In the meantime, we are looking at other online activities that we may be able to do. These activities will not be like school. They will help you connect to other young people with disabilities. If you have any questions, please contact Jami Davis at or 208-332-1711.

Idaho Youth Leadership Forum

Idaho Youth Leadership Forum (IDYLF) is a career and civic leadership  program for young adults 16-21 with disabilities. IDYLF provides young people with disabilities (delegates) the opportunity to learn full citizenship skills, including advocacy, leadership, community participation and employment skills. The delegates are from around the state of Idaho who have been chosen based on their application, interview, and letters of recommendation. This program is a six day hands on program where the delegate will get a feel for college life. Delegates leave IDYLF equipped with:

  • Leadership plans to implement upon return to their community.
  • Academic and career goals.
  • Work ethics and a belief that work is not only a right, but also a social obligation to reach his/her full potential.
  • A resource development plan in order to attain continued or more complete independence through technology, community support peer mentoring.

The Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) was developed by the California Governor’s Committee for Employment of Persons with Disability in 1992. Since then, more than 35 states, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico have implemented YLF in their state. We’re excited to return in 2020!

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is made up of up to twelve youth and young adults (ages 14-26) with disabilities from across Idaho. Members bring their unique experiences, strengths, and perspectives to Idaho’s Independent Living community. They work locally and across Idaho creating positive change in our communities. The YAC meets monthly by phone conference call. Members are encouraged to go to their local Center for Independent Living (CIL) to take part in these calls.

There are approximately 41,737 individuals ages birth – 34 that have a disability in Idaho. The goals of the YAC are to:

  • Improve employment and independent living outcomes for young people with disabilities who are transitioning from high school to adult life.
  • Participate in service projects that will benefit all Idahoans, such as:
    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Accessibility reviews of businesses and recreational areas
  • Involve youth in the community through councils, boards, city planning, and more.

Do you want to join this group and make a difference?
Contact Jami Davis with the Idaho State Independent Living Council
208-334-3800 / 1-800-487-4866
This committee is youth driven and will provide opportunities to have your voices heard. Youth are an important part of removing barriers and  creating lasting impact for Idaho today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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